Products and Services

We provide multiple services:

  1. Farmers can rent a surface in the structure. Deep Arctic Water provides the intel, the crosssectional energy and waste disposal, and the full water, airconditioning, and logistics in accordance with the standard agreements;
  2. Use of the total knowledge of the complete local supply chain;
  3. Access to the latest research in our research facility;
  4. Participate in the total investment.

Of course combinations are possible to gain the most out of your business.

We have 3 different types of locations:

  1. Offshore on open water. The nearest shore is 100 miles away. The structure is completely floating in the water and ships will dock the construction for the provisions and to load and unload the cargo;
  2. River or shoreside. With a docking system the structure will be permanently docked.
  3. Lakeside. The structure will lay in the clay, or sand, and will lay there permanently. The use of geothermal heat is necessary for location in the higher Northern hemisphere.   

The smallest tested structure is 1km^2 and the largest tested structure is 24km^2. With an expected pilot starting in East Asia we soon hope to increase our fleet with 17 structure in a river in the Jangshu area China.

Deep Arctic Water has a wide network in the Dutch greenhouse sector, offshore industry, renewable energy and water management. Deep Arctic Water is able to carry out the complete project management including: finance, supplying the equipment, installation, employees, training, etc.

The knowledge of the local market is guaranteed by our experienced international partners with local customers and relations with the local government. 

A schematic view of the concept:

Technical information 


  • Types of seasonal thermal storage systems;
  • Vertical farming;
  • Cradle to cradle principal;
  • Biomass energy;
  • Production on rock wool;
  • Composting;
  • Grow light;
  • Zeolites;
  • Algae;
  • Solarcelfoil;

And of course: confidential research and innovations of Deep Arctic Water and her partners.

The advantages of the greenhouse structure:

  • Lower costs
  • Produces all EU vegetables
  • Pollutions/disaster proof
  • Unlimited possibilities: fish, energy, tourism, etc.
  • Job creation in poor regions
  • Easy relocation
  • High tech

Lower Costs thanks to:

  • Sizes: 1km^2 - 24km^2
  • Affordable fixed assets
  • Product diversification
  • Removable compartments
  • Relocation possibilities of the complete structure (relocating the ship)
  • Multiple energy sources
  • Cradle to cradle
  • Adaptable for changes in production techniques
  • Low labour costs
  • Very efficient supply chain

Partners gain:

  • Investors/participants with large (knowledge) networks
  • We offer a sustainable solution for high quality food with moderate profits <3jaar
  • Good profits and high quality >7jaar
  • Use of every M^3 structure
  • Every surplus goes to innovation and training!

Developers and local governments in the following cities and provinces have already expressed serious interest in establishing a vertical farm: Incheon (South Korea), Abu Dhabi  and Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New York City, Portland, Ore., Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Surrey, B.C., Toronto, Paris, Bangalore, Dongtan (China), Jangshu (China), Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing. We strive be the first to offer these cities a sustainable verticle farm on open water.