ABN AMRO provides financial solutions to corporate and institutional clients active in the Netherlands and abroad. They offer a broad spectrum of banking services, including cash and treasury management, debt, equity and structured finance, trading and financial risk hedging, financial advisory and structuring. Their clients are commodity producers, traders and distributors. ABN AMRO is proud to be a top player in global custody, securities lending and clearing services.

ABN AMRO has provided Deep Arctic Water with the necessary agricultural macro economic outlooks and opened their global network to us. We consider ABN AMRO as a reliable partner for a sustainable future.


With the extra support of startup and innovative companies Autodesk helps to increase the revenue of their dynamic simulation software.

BTC Group

The BTC group takes care of, supports and organizes trade missions and group visits mainly to China, India and Korea, together with its partners. The visits are often combined with a visit to fairs or congresses. http://btcgroup.nl

Drukkerij-kopieerservice van den Herik

Partner for high quality printing. A responsible and modern all-round printing company with a heart for environment, for consumers, and businesses alike. Specializes in improving your corporate image: from envelope to business card, and from catalogs to roll up banners. http://www.drukkerijherik.nl

Gaastra Consultancy BV

Gaastra Consultancy BV is a startup company that made a revolutionary invention that enables to convert organic and liquid residue into biomass.


The think tank, started by the Ministry of Agricultural Affairs and nowadays Economic Affairs, helps to realize projects in which the output of one industry generates the input of the next, for example the project "utilizing a greenhouse as a energysource".

The Innovationnetwork has offered Deep Arctic Water assistance with the deployment of their technical and organizational issues. http://www.innovatienetwerk.org en http://www.innovatieglastuinbouw.nl


Lucel supports managers who are responsible for the daily operational management of the farm. They support with issues like: changes in production technology for the best crop results, choice of varieties to suit the specific business circumstances or questions about plant physiology, crop health, energy or the efficient use of labor.

Lucel and Deep Arctic Water are working hard to realize strong partnerships in the global agricultural business. http://www.lucel.nl 

NCH (Stichting Nederlands Centrum voor Handelsbevordering)

Dutch Centre for Trade provides Dutch companies the local knowledge of foreign markets.

Proefcentrum Hoogstraten

Research centre for Tomatoes of expermimentcentre in Belgium. http://www.proefcentrum.be

They allowed us to join their excursion to the sillicon valley of horticulture in The Netherlands in 2010 (Bleiswijk).


Is a Dutch governmental matchmaker and innovation booster. Syntens helps innovative companies to find sparring partners within a complete confidential environment.